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TGS Shareholder Facts

Symbol: TGS
Listing: Oslo Stock Exchange (member of the OBX index)
ADR: TGSGY (traded on the U.S. over-the-counter market)
Analyst coverage: 18 firms; for list see
Volume traded on the OSE during 2016: 119,425,966 shares
Average daily trading volume in 2016: 472,039 shares

Shareholder Facts 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Market Value at 31 December (USD 1000s) 2,271,400 1,637,076 2,236,444  2,742,148  3,358,639 
Total Equity at 31 December (USD 1000s) 1,169,124 1,198,088 1,339,201  1,292,979  1,168,360 
Shares Outstanding 31 December   102,135,990  102,135,990  103,184,288  103,521,724  103,431,474 
of which Treasury Shares 31 December 533,500  673,600  1,843,512 1,416,200  1,317,200
Volume Traded on the OSE  119,425,966  146,884,972  155,149,403  118,438,925  133,452,000 
Average Daily Trading volume  472,039  585,199  620,598  475,658  531,681 
Share Price at 31 December (NOK)  191.7  141.40  161.70  160.80  181.50 
Share Price High (NOK at close)  193.8  201.70  209.70  229.30  198.90 
Share Price Low (NOK at close)  107.0  136.20  145.40  140.00  136.30 
Earnings per Share (Fully Diluted)  0.28  (0.28)  2.09  2.59  2.76 
Dividend per Share (NOK)  USD 0.60  8.5  8.5  8.0  6.0 
Yield (% closing price at day of announcement)  3.6%  5.2%  4.9%  3.9%  4.0% 
Market Price/Earnings per Share (P/E)  82.14  (57.75)  10.37  10.23  11.77 
Market Price/Equity per Share (P/B)  1.94  1.37  1.67  2.12  2.87 
Enterprise Value/Operating profit (EV/EBIT)  39.23  (69.45)  6.72  6.36  7.52 


Stock Performance and Total Return to Shareholders         
TGS is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and also has an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) facility managed by The Bank of New York Mellon. TGS is part of the OBX index, being among the 25 most liquid stocks in Norway.

Despite the challenging market conditions, TGS share price increased by 36% during 2016, closing at NOK 191.70 (31 December 2016).



The total return from TGS stock has proven very attractive over the long term. The Total Return chart on the previous page shows total return from TGS stock over a 15 year period with share price adjusted for dividend distributions. The average annual total return during this period is 15.4% which is significantly above the total return from the S&P 500 (6.7%) and Brent oil (7.2%).


Capital Distribution to Shareholders 
The Company is constantly evaluating the best use of its cash flow from operations for continued shareholder growth. The Company uses cash for organic investments in the multi-client library, historically providing healthy returns. In addition, the company from time to time uses cash for inorganic investment opportunities. This can include the acquisition of third party libraries or complementary businesses that add value to the TGS offering.


* Quarterly Dividends, defined in USD from 2016
Historical NOK dividends converted to USD using FX rate on ex-dividend date

It is the ambition of TGS to pay a cash dividend that is in line with its long-term underlying cash flow. When deciding the dividend amount, the TGS Board of Directors will consider expected cash flow, investment plans, financing requirements and a level of financial flexibility that is appropriate for the TGS business model.

In addition to paying a cash dividend, TGS may also buy back its own shares as part of its plan to distribute capital to shareholders.


*2016 and 2017 Dividend Yield annualized based on the weighted yield at the time of announcement of quarterly dividends

From 2016, TGS started paying quarterly dividends in accordance with the resolution made by the Annual General Meeting on 6 May 2015 and renewed on 10 May 2016. The aim is to keep a stable quarterly dividend through the year, but the actual level paid will be subject to continuous evaluation of market outlook, cash flow expectations and balance sheet development.

The ex-dividend date will normally be seven days after the announcement of the dividend in connection with the release of quarterly financial statements, with the payment date 14 days after the ex-dividend date.

The TGS Board of Directors resolved to pay a dividend of USD 0.15 per share in Q1 2017. The share traded ex-dividend on 9 February 2017 and the dividend was paid on 23 February 2017.


Investor Relations at TGS 
TGS places great emphasis on providing accurate and timely information to the market and shareholders. The earnings reports and press releases are issued only in English to ensure simultaneous and consistent information to all shareholders.

The full year financial reporting calendar is published and posted on the TGS website. This calendar is updated annually following the second quarter earnings release. The quarterly earnings results are either presented and webcast live in Oslo, Norway or they are pre-recorded and published prior to the market opening on the date of the release. TGS entertains questions at the live presentations and the CEO and CFO hosts a conference call allowing questions and answers on the day of the release. All presentation material, including the question and answer sessions, are published on the TGS website in near real time. In addition to the quarterly and annual financial reports, TGS also provides interim information of significance through press releases to aid in the assessment of the Company's value. TGS management maintains a quiet period on discussing significant business during intervals spanning the last weeks of a financial quarter and the announcement of the results of that financial period.
The general shareholders meetings for TGS are held in Oslo, Norway. All shareholders are invited to attend. Shareholders who want to attend a shareholders meeting must notify the Company about their attendance at the latest three business days before the day of the meeting. Shareholders who have not given notice of attendance can be denied the right to meet and vote at a shareholders meeting. Documents concerning matters to be considered at the general shareholders meetings are made available on the Company's website prior to the event. To vote at an annual or extraordinary general meeting, a shareholder must be registered as a holder of title to the shares to be voted in the share register maintained at the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS), in due time before the shareholders meeting

TGS Executive Management is available for direct contact with investors, potential investors and analysts on an ongoing basis and regularly participates in road shows and investor conferences in both Europe and North America. Historical financial reports can be found on the TGS website at .

For more information regarding TGS, contact Sven Børre Larsen or Will Ashby.

Sven Børre Larsen 
Asker, Norway


Will Ashby 
VP HR & Communication
Houston, TX U.S.A.