TGS-NOPEC Q4 and full year 2004 teleconference scheduled

10 January 2005OSE

Naersnes, Norway (10 January, 2005) - Based on preliminary reporting from operating units, TGS management now expects Net Revenues for the Fourth Quarter of 2004 to be approximately USD 58 million, bringing estimated Net Revenues for the full year 2004 to approximately USD 171 million. As a result, full year over year growth from 2003 is now expected to be approximately 25%; significantly above management's previously expressed expectations of 16-17%(including Nu-Tec).

The full 4th Quarter earnings release is scheduled for February 10th, 2005. Management will also issue guidance for 2005 at that time.

TGS-NOPEC offers a telephone conference hosted by CEO Hank Hamilton, VP Business Development John Adamick and CFO Arne Helland today, January 10th at 17,00 Norwegian time (11,00 AM New York time). A Q&A session will follow a short introduction by the management.

Norwegian attendees are invited to call 800 80 119 and international attendees are invited to call +47 23 000 400. Attendees may want to call 5-10 minutes before 17,00 (11,00 AM NY) hours to ensure registration and access. A Q&A session will follow a short introduction, based upon the Presentation issued in the morning. To pose a question, please press *1 A replay of the Conference call will be available shortly after. To access replay of TGS NOPEC`s conference call, dial +47- 22 76 91 21 accountno: 1193 followed by # (pound-sign) press 1 Conferenceno: 193 followed by # (pound-sign) press 1 to play.

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John Adamick
Senior VP, Geological Products and Services
Tel: +1 713 860 2100