• TGS offers the industry’s largest digital well log library, specialized data integration services and custom interpretive data solutions to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

    The combination of our expertise, experience and data library makes TGS the right choice for all of your Geological data requirements.


    TGS offers the industry’s largest collection of digital well logs, available online via R360 . TGS’ well data library has expanded to include nationwide US production data, directional surveys and a custom well file database. In addition, TGS now offers data integration services. ENVOY, TGS' integration platform, offers a simplified approach to integrating geotechnical data and applications. 

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    TGS offers interpretation studies and services to support hydrocarbon exploration.  These studies cover basin reconnaissance, sequence stratigraphy, play fairway analysis and prospectivity.  They integrate seismic data, well logs, biostratigraphic data, core data and other geoscientific data to create basin-wide regional frameworks for further study.  TGS geoscientists are also available for contract consulting work in geology, geophysics and petrophysics.

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