TGS’ Library of Worldwide Interpretation Products Provides a Comprehensive Framework for Exploration Activity

  • Throughout all four stages of the oil field exploration cycle, TGS offers the services and data you need to make informed decisions.

    Basin Reconnaissance

    TGS provides a variety of services to support Basin Reconnaissance, including Basin Modeling, Basin Temperature Modeling, stratigraphic chart definition and regional overviews.

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    Sequence Stratigraphy

    TGS has completed many Sequence Stratigraphic Studies around the world, delivering them through their proprietary technology known as the Facies Map Browser (FMB).

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    Play Fairway Analysis

    TGS provides Play Fairway services, including Seismic Facies Analysis, Common Risk Segment Mapping and Post Well Analysis.

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    TGS supports Prospectivity Studies through the provision of Petrophysics Analysis and Seismic Interpretation.

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