Raising the Standards for Directional Survey Quality

  • TGS introduces Directional Survey Plus, a new standard of quality for ‘user-ready’ directional survey data and well path control.

    Well path control from directional survey data is an essential data type for interpreters in oil and gas. Directional Survey Plus (DS+) data goes beyond the simple capture of measured depth, azimuth and inclination.

    Accurate Directional Survey Data

    DS+ data are thoroughly researched, re-processed and standardized to create the most accurate spatial representation of the well path, from surface to total depth.

    Complete – No Missing Wellbores

    In the US, 15-20% of drilled wellbores are missing from all industry well data sources.

    TGS recognizes the importance of all wellbores being recognized in DS+ data (see image at right).

    Spatially Correct

    Well paths just ‘keyed’ in from directional surveys may look impressive, but a high percentage of the time the well is not in the right place.

    DS+ data are standardized to the same North reference, same zone (if grid referenced) and the same datum (and more) to plot correctly.

    Integration Ready Data

    Successful integration of all the various well data types available on a well is an industry problem and is improved when all wellbores are recognized.

    TGS works with other industry sources of well header data to support data integration success by operators.

    Global Data Coverage Online

    Current DS+ inventory is available for immediate download on R360™. Click here for a map of current DS+ coverage in the US.

    TGS is expanding its US databases everyday and supports DS+ processing worldwide. For more information, contact TGS.

    • US: 888 564-5463 (toll free inside US) or +1 281 319 4944
    • Canada: +1 403 781 1700
    • UK: +44 (0) 208 339 4200