Well Log Formation Tops for Basin Evaluation and Hydrocarbon Exploration

  • Consistency is Key

    TGS is pleased to provide the industry with a consistent and accurate set of well log formation tops to help with basin evaluation and hydrocarbon exploration. Using the industry’s largest well log database, TGS’ senior geoscientists have constructed cross-sections and correlated wells to generate a consistent set of tops in major basins across North America.

    To generate a lithostratigraphic framework, TGS:

    • Assigns one geologist to each basin
    • Researches a basin by finding one or more type logs
    • Generates a preliminary geological framework
    • Completes a peer review of the framework
    • Completes the framework for the basin

    TGS has established a geologic framework for the following basins and trends:

    • Delaware Basin; various trends
    • Midland Basin; various trends
    • Appalachian Basin; Utica and Marcellus trends
    • East Texas – North Louisiana Basin; Haynesville trend
    • South Texas Basin; Eagle Ford trend
    • Illinois Basin; New Albany trend
    • D-J Basin; Niobrara trend
    • Williston Basin; Bakken trend
    • Great Basin; Chainman and Pilot trends
    • Hugoton Embayment and Cherokee Basin; Mississippian Lime trend
    • Five basins in Alaska, including Cook Inlet and Beaufort Sea

    For more information, Contact TGS.

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    • Canada: +1 +1 403 781 1700
    • UK: +44 (0) 208 339 4200