Reliable Studies for Accessible Seismic Data Products Well Drill Planning

  • TGS has a comprehensive suite of Reservoir Analysis tools, which can be utilized to provide in-depth analysis. Among them are:

    • Seismic attribute computation
    • AVO/LMR analysis
    • AVAz/VVAz analysis
    • Multi-attribute analysis
    • Seismic facies classification
    • Impedance inversion
    • Rock physics analysis
    • Spectral decomposition
    • Thin-bed reflectivity inversion
    • Joint inversion


    Our advanced AVO analysis and processing includes A, B (Intercept and slope) attribute calculation, cross plotting, angle stacks, multivolume analysis and prospect illumination/ verification.

    • Angle stacks and derivatives / combinations
    • A,B (Intercept and slope)
    • Residual flattening - Rvel, eta
    • Residual Noise Rejection -Demultiple, 3D FK
    • Offset Dependent scaling
    • Spectral Matching
    • Compensation for wavelet stretch and offset-dependent tuning to A,B
    • 2 or 3-term inversion for AVO parameters (A,B,C)
    • Statistical overburden compensation to A,B
    • pore pressure gradient


    Amplitude variation with azimuth (AVAZ) analysis employs the Ruger equation to obtain interface estimates of fracture/stress anisotropy intensity and orientation. In addition, our VVAZ analysis provides interval estimates of these same two attributes.

    • Interface Estimates
    • Fracture
    • Stress
    • Anisotropy intensity
    • Anisotropy orientation