Well Performance Data Delivered On-Demand from One, Seamless Database

  • US well performance data is available from TGS nationwide in one seamless database. TGS offers the flexibility to purchase well performance data “snapshots” of a specific area on R360™ or customers can sign up for the nationwide access plan.

    Well Performance Data Delivery

    Built with customers in mind, LONGBOW™ is the well performance data query and export tool used to browse, visualize and export data in leading industry formats from the nationwide database.

    TGS can drop the nationwide database behind a firewall so customers never have to wait. Continuously updated data is also available via web access or shipment.

    Lease to Well Allocations

    TGS well performance data is allocated to the unique well level for the 7 states with lease-level reporting standards. TGS' allocation methodology is open to the customer, allowing for selection of the best method. 

  • TGS now has Well Performance data tied to Fields, Pools and Formations

    With the addition of Digital Petrodata LLC in October of 2015, TGS has added a nationwide GIS multi-client database containing every producing oil and gas field, pool, and formation in the United States.  Additionally, GEONEWS™, a geospatially located and tagged database of current oil and gas news, is now added to TGS family of Geoscience products.  Click here for more information.