TGS Ensures our Values and Code of Conduct are Upheld

  • TGS is committed to compliance with all legal and ethical requirements and standards of the geoscientific industry and the communities where TGS employees live and work. TGS considers its values based culture and environment a key element in continued success as a company. Doing the right thing is the TGS way.

    As a function within the TGS executive team, the Compliance Program sets ethical standards, provides training and educational resources and responds to all concerns raised by TGS’ internal and external stakeholders. The TGS Compliance Officer reports to the Board of Directors and the TGS CEO and provides updates on a regular basis.

    TGS investigates all potential violations of its Statement of Values and Code of Conduct, such as illegal acts, conflicts of interest, financial fraud, corruption issues or breaches of TGS’ corporate policies. TGS also engages internal or external legal counsel as needed, in dealing with possible violations of its corporate policies. Employees are encouraged to report any violation of TGS’ values or policies to the Corporate Compliance Officer or through the TGS hotline.

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    Statement of Values

    Ethical Decision Tree

    Country Toll-free Number Language
    United States 877-888-0002 English
    Worldwide (Collect) 001-770-776-5616 English
    Australia (Reach) 800-68-0663 English
    Australia (Optus) 800-064-927 English
    Norway 800-12487 Norwegian
    United Kingdom (Cable $ Wireless) 0800-051-8953 English
    United Kingdom (British & Telecom) 0808-234-1040 Data

    Employees Report Concerns – The goal is to create an environment where employees feel safe raising issues related to TGS’ continued compliance with the Statement of Values and Code of Conduct. Employees can report any TGS values or policy related issues to their supervisor, the Corporate Compliance Officer or through the Compliance Hotline. The hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is accessible to all TGS employees. TGS wants to know about potential problems before they become serious, and policies are in place to prevent retaliation against reporting employees.

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    Kristian Johansen

    Chief Executive Officer - TGS