The Future of Production Forecasting

Basin intelligence for informative and strategic decision making and analysis 

BasinAlphaTM, powered by BetaZiTM production forecasts and TGS data, is a physics-based predictive analytics solution that computes unbiased, accurate, automatic production forecasts with calibrated uncertainty using TGS high-quality well data. This powerful tool is used for evaluating basin-wide production data to provide actionable insights to focus an asset acquisition team on the most profitable areas and companies in an area of interest.


TGS and BetaZi™ have jointly produced a series of pre-computed, comprehensive studies based on BetaZi™ probabilistic well forecasts and informed by TGS’ high-quality data for every well in a basin.  With BasinAlpha™ you gain deep basin knowledge in minutes, for informative and strategic decision making.

Individual Well Forecast - Type Curve Wells

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Tested Type Curves and Probabilities

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BasinAlpha™ is the world's most disruptive oil and gas production forecasting and type curve analysis technology, based in 21st-century computer science. BetaZi's™ groundbreaking, physics-based algorithm uses artificial intelligence and statistical methods to generate and synthesize forecasts to produce accurate reserves estimates and asset valuations.

  • The model generates 1,000,000 forecasts for each well in 30 seconds and can accurately evaluate an entire basin or play in minutes, or the U.S in less than a week
  • A completely new method of decline curve analysis and asset evaluation
  • 100% automatic - no manual manipulation - no bias

BasinAlpha Technology 


BasinAlpha™ artificial intelligence learns production behavior and feeds diffusion physics model that calculates/synthesizes accurate forecasts.

Current Industry Technology


Synthesized forecasts feed traditional MCMC outputs and calculate economics.


Strategic Advantage

  • Fast: 100-1000x Faster than every reservoir engineer in the world combined
  • Accurate: Equivalent to one million perfectly accurate sensitivities per well
  • Proven: Back testing / history matching and vetted results from major global clients
  • Innovative: Technology us ahead of the industry by many years
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Key Features

  • p10-p90 spread (uncertainty profile)
  • Click-able, interactive maps
  • 30-year EUR
  • Formation type curves
  • Operator performance curves
  • 1st-Pass economics
  • Clean and complete data

Current Areas Available

  • Delaware Basin
  • Central Platform Basin
  • Midland Basin

Discover the Science 

Learn more about how BasinAlphaTM leverages the power of physics-based, big data predictive analytics.