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Subsurface AI in practice: Implementing machine learning to define basin stratigraphy

Rob Gibson, Director, Analytics Products
April 20, 2020
Subsurface AI in Practice_ Implementing Machine Learning to Define Basin Stratigraphy - EDIT


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, large data volume processing and analytics starts with an extremely large data inventory and the highest quality data possible.  TGS has both of those like no other in the industry.  Because of this, TGS is able to create predicted well log curves which prepares the user to perform in depth, large scale, basin wide analytics.  These data, Analytics Ready LAS or ARLAS, are explained in the webinar as to what data are required to perform this analysis, how the data are prepared for data scientists, the modeling behind the deliverable, the uncertainty provided as part of the data, and examples of the results including use cases. 

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