Foz do Amazonas & Pará-Maranhão

TGS leads the industry in offering a wide variety of subsurface data offshore Brazil

Regional data covering the Brazil Equatorial Margins

The Foz do Amazonas basin is the most northerly of the Brazilian equatorial margin basins, largely unexplored with exploration drilling confined to the shelf with 95 exploration wells drilled, 10 wells with hydrocarbon shows. Previous exploration interest has focused on the potentially large reserves in distal, Late Cretaceous/ Palaeogene deepwater turbidite plays encouraged by successful wells in French Guiana. The basin has considerable exploration potential and has been predicted in-place volumes of 14bn bbls of oil and 40tcf gas.

The data available from TGS to help assess the key plays includes 2D data in the Foz do Amazonas Basin mostly on a 10-kilometer grid using 10-kilometer offsets, with a 5-kilometer infill grid on the western part of the basin bordering French Guiana. In addition, the 11,335 square kilometer Foz Do Amazonas 3D multi-client dataset was acquired on the western part of the basin.

A 10-kilometer grid of 2D data was acquired over the eastern Amazon Cone and extends into the Pará-Maranhão Basin. This survey complemented an existing coarse grid regional survey and provides a continuous PSDM dataset available over this area. TGS's broadband PSDM data over the southeast Amazon Cone and Pará-Maranhão Basin are essential datasets for the evaluation of the various play types and resource potential of the basin.

In summary, TGS offers a total of >130,000 km’s of 2D long offset seismic, both recently acquired and processed or reprocessed using PreStack Time and Depth Migration (PSTM/PSDM) flows. In addition, we offer the Amazonas 3D which totals 11,335 km² 3D (Broadband PSTM & PSDM), as well as basin wide interpretations and a Facies Map Browser.

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Multi-Client Seismic For Upcoming Offshore Round Acreage

With over 452,000 kilometers in 2D multi-client data and approximately 72,500 square kilometers in 3D multi-client data in Brazil, TGS seismic data covers every basin and sector associated with offshore Brazil licensing rounds. This library of modern, long-offset data, available in both time (PSTM) and depth (PSDM), comprises the largest and most comprehensive high-quality dataset offshore Brazil.

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