New Energy Solutions

Our expertise in energy data makes us well placed to provide valuable insights for the transition toward more sustainable energy systems. Our data-driven solutions and accessible data platforms reduce our customers' costs, risks, and cycle times, helping them meet their carbon reduction goals.


Our goal is to supply data and insight for a diverse range of applications across the wind farm evaluation and development process, to enhance business decisions. This includes resource assessment, remote sensing, and wind project information products.

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Carbon Storage

TGS provides subsurface insight and monitoring solutions to inform and support Carbon Storage initiatives across the globe. We offer an unrivalled seismic and well data library in addition to 4D monitoring services and subsurface intelligence products in a range of different geological settings to de-risk investments and maintain safety.

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TGS reduces costs, risks and cycle times through an innovative approach to Geothermal resource evaluation which utilizes unique geological interpretation techniques in combination with the world's largest well data library.

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Deep Sea Minerals

TGS leads the way in the search for rare earth minerals in the deep sea, supporting growth in battery utilization as part of a sustainable energy solution. Deep sea mining is seen as a favorable alternative to the land-based equivalent.

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