Get a Comprehensive Picture of Reservoirs with Instantly Available Well Data from TGS

  • The objective of a petrophysical evaluation is to apply a consistent and methodical approach to well data and calculate values for the following suite of deliverables:

    • Environmentally corrected log data
    • Individual CPI’s (no batch processing)
    • Shale / clay volume
    • Variable grain density
    • Porosity Ø (total and effective)
    • Permeability k where cored
    • Connate water resistivity Rw
    • Water saturation Sw
    • Core data, where available
    • Pressure data, where available
    • Report detailing the processing and parameters used

    TGS has a library of immediately available data for more than 500 wells in Northwest Europe. Visit LOG-LINE Plus!® to find and download the data instantly.

    Data for individual wells can be purchased as required.