How do you unlock the secrets of Offshore Mexico? Go big, go Gigante.

  • Introducing the most comprehensive and newest continuous Offshore Mexico data set. 
    Only from TGS.

    TGS gives you the right data, in the right place, at the right time. This time, its Offshore Mexico. The data has been consistently acquired and processed, and it’s complimented by interpretation, multibeam and seafloor sampling analysis. TGS gives you the best information, so you can see your way to the best prospects.

    Gigante 2D

    Gigante 2D

    • Survey Size: ~ 186,250 km
    • Ties into TGS US GOM Regional Grids

    • Acquisition Timing: ~ 15 months; Acquisition ongoing, ~ 3000 km acquired US

    • Processing Timing: Completion expected in late 2017 with intermediate products 
      available in areas of high interest 

    Gigante 2D: Multibeam, seep and core project

    Gigante Multi

    • Survey Size: ~ 625,000 km2 

    • Acquisition Timing: ~ 13 months; Multibeam start up in Sept 2015; Coring in Nov 2015 

    • Processing: Multibeam delivered monthly by area ~ 30 days after completion 

    • ProcessingTiming: Completion expected in Oct of 2016 

    • Area 0 (US Perdido) and Area 1 (Perdido Mexico) Surveys Completed 
    • Area 0 coring completed and preliminary geochemistry delivere 
    • Area 1 Core Target Estimate = > 200 cores 
    • Mega-Regional Jumbo Piston Core (20 m barrel) and Heat Flow transects in progress   
    • Compilation of progress through Saturday January 16, 2016 below
      • Completed MBES shown with bathymetry 
      • Planned MBES in gray lines 
      • Completed cores/HF in red circles
      • JPC and heat flow planned in yellow triangles