The Highest Quality Onshore Seismic Data

  • TGS offers multi-client onshore seismic data across North America and applies the same high standards of quality and customer service with onshore seismic as with its suite of geoscience data products around the world.

    TGS supervises and collaborates with the select seismic contractors to ensure quality operations in all aspects of the project including permitting, surveying and drilling.

    In addition, TGS provides in-house land seismic data processing and interpretation services.

    Effective planning is critical to the onshore acquisition process. TGS considers all the needs of the client as well as all of the operational, environmental and regulatory factors involved, before any land seismic project is commenced. 2D and 3D seismic data from TGS is acquired through client and vendor partnerships by reputable seismic contractors who adhere to strict requirements for health, safety and the environment.

    TGS’ onshore data library also includes the industry's largest collection of digital well logs.