• TGS has the technology, expertise and resources to meet the highest geophysical processing objectives

    To meet the challenges of today's quest for hydrocarbons, TGS' research and development professionals are continually developing new technology and workflows for seismic imaging, as well as enhancing existing ones. TGS processes both 2D and 3D seismic data, with products and services which include: 

    • Depth and time imaging
    • Marine, land, ocean bottom cable (OBC), transition zone processing
    • Wide azimuth data processing
    • Anisotropic imaging (VTI and TTI)

    The Time Imaging teams have the capability of performing advanced signal (time) processing for data conditioning as well as interactive data analysis and integrity validation (QC). In addition, tools are available for qualitative and quantitative gather conditioning and AVO analysis for both time and depth gathers. TGS also developed the PRIMA® software platform and uses it internally in the processing workflow. Additionally, many oil companies have licensed PRIMA® to further evaluate data for exploration.

    Built upon extensive experience in high-end imaging with the most advanced computer power, TGS' depth imaging software ImageZ™ runs on massive parallel and distributed Linux clusters and GPU clusters. GPU accelerated algorithms enable shorter process iteration allowing for more accurate final imaging.  PSDM algorithms include Kirchhoff, beam, wave equation migration (WEM) and reverse time migration (RTM.)

    In addition to a wide range of processing capabilities, TGS also provides geological, geophysical and petrophysical interpretation and data management services.