• Regularization and prestack interpolation have numerous applications including minimization of prestack migration artifacts, azimuthal data regularization prior to fracture detection inversion, reconciling sampling differences in merge processing, and footprint removal in CMP stacking. TGS capabilities include:

    • 3D Anti-leakage Data Regularization
    • 5D Data Regularization – Minimum Weighted Norm Interpolation

    3D Anti-leakage Data Regularization

    Migration requires a regular sampling for proper image formation. The industry actually used to borrow traces to fill in holes, but now regularization has come to mean interpolation from irregular to regular. It’s a great challenge considering steep dips, aliasing, and filling large gaps.

    TGS has developed a tool: 3D Anti-leakage Regularization (ALFT). 3D ALFT works on common offset cubes to regularize in x and y. This is one of several inversion approaches that work in the spectral domain. The name refers to the particular inversion methodology. One plane wave at a time is extracted from the input data and placed into the output from strongest to weakest.