TGS have been involved in Russia since the late 1990’s and have agreements with Joint Venture partners to work with in the development and brokering of geophysical datasets. We have one of the largest multi-client geophysical databases in Russia both onshore and offshore.

Russian Barents Sea 

The major gas discovery Shtokman field holds estimates of 3.9 trillion cubic meters with the Leningradskoye field holding 1.9 trillion cubic meters of gas. 

TGS acquired 5,070 km of 2D, which was reprocessed in 2005 using broadband processing and petrophysical and technical reports are available.

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Laptev to Chukchi Sea 

Exploration takes place during the months of July, August and September, with ice  formation starting in September in the north and October in the south. Russian oil major Rosneft discovered oil in the Laptev Sea after drilling its northernmost exploratory well on the Eastern Arctic shelf. 

TGS acquired a large multi-client 2D dataset over a three-year period during 2010 – 2012 (13,000 km) in the Laptev Sea. These programs were designed to provide modern data in a challenging region and to also link with three other TGS surveys located in the Russian and USA Chukchi Sea (12,835 km)

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Sea of Okhotsk 

The Sea of Okhotsk-Sakhalin Island area of Far East Russia is one of the world's most exciting petroleum exploration areas and offers unique opportunities for further major discoveries. TGS and JV partner Dalmorneftegeophysica (DMNG) have been working in the Sea of Okhotsk since 1998 and have amassed a sizable 2D database. From 1998 to 2007, nine surveys were acquired totaling 45,490 km covering the Magadan region in the north, east of Sakhalin island and to the south.

During 2016, a subset of 19,000 km were reprocessed using broadband, Clari-Fi™, processing to better improve the imagining and fault definition of the original data. Further legacy datasets became available in 2017 totaling 268,000 km providing dense coverage in the offshore region and future plans to create a J-Cube are in progress.

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East Siberia

The East Siberian Pacific Ocean pipeline has now been completed and TGS have been developing its onshore database located in East Siberia close to it with legacy data (61,790 km) provided through a JV partner. 

Data clean-up techniques have been applied by TGS’ Imaging Centre which has resulted in a phase and amplitude matched product being produced. East Siberia batch 1 totaling 38,250 and East Siberia batch 2 totaling 23,540 km.

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