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Spatial Distribution of Trap Types Relative to the Regional Structural Framework, Baffin Bay, Offshore Greenland

June 14, 2012
The Baffin Bay area offshore northwest Greenland represents a vast frontier exploration province. The aim of this work has been to create a new structural.

Reducing Uncertainties in Anisotropic Tomography

June 7, 2012
One of the fundamental challenges for anisotropic tomography is the trade-off between the inverted velocity correction and the anisotropic parameters.

Practical Aspects of Subsalt Tomography Using Reverse Time Migration Based Angle Gathers

June 4, 2012
Due to the accuracy of the Reverse Time Migration (RTM) algorithm, RTM angle gathers show more coherent and correct moveout subsalt events than Kirchhoff.

High-resolution Moveout Transform - A Robust Multiple Attenuation Technique

June 2, 2012
As an alternative to the conventional high-resolution Radon transform, we propose a time-domain approach to transform a gather of pre-stack seismic data.