TGS has provided reliable, quality data for more than 30 years

  • A Brief History

    TGS was founded in Houston in 1981 and over time built the dominant 2D multi-client data library in the Gulf of Mexico. The company expanded further into North America and West Africa and added a substantial 3D portfolio in the Gulf of Mexico. Also in 1981, NOPEC was founded in Oslo and began building an industry-leading multi-client 2D database in the North Sea, with additional operations in Australia and the Far East. In 1997, NOPEC went public on the Oslo Stock Exchange. In 1998, the companies merged to form TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS), creating a winning combination for investors, customers and employees. Since then, TGS has set the standard for geoscientific data around the world. 

    The hallmarks of success for TGS over the past 30 years have been dedication to high quality data, exemplary service and strategic global growth in emerging and mature markets. TGS’ company philosophy is to create unique high-quality data collected in the right place at the right time.

    Company Milestones

    TGS commences first onshore seismic project in the Permian Basin. 
    TGS announced Atlantic Margin 3D (AM17) a 40,000 km2 project in the central-southern Norwegian Sea. This is the single largest 3D survey carried out by any company in Northern Europe and covers largely open blocks in a relatively under-explored area with limited drilling to date.
    Launched R360, a modern eCommerce tool to enable simpler integration of geologic data with customer systems. R360TM allows clients to perform data reconnaissance, identification and selection through a map-based interface with purchase and data delivery online. 
    Together with PGS, TGS acquired the majority of the Dolphin multi-client library including data in the Barents Sea, North Sea, NW Africa and Australia. This is the second strategic library acquisition concluded by TGS in the down cycle, following the purchase of most of the Polarcus library in the prior year. 
    TGS completed acquisition of the Gigante regional survey, offshore Mexico, the largest multi-client 2D survey in the World, including more than 186,000 km of 2D seismic and 600,000 km2 of multibeam, coring and geochemical analysis. Fast track volumes were made available for the 2016 licensing rounds. 
    TGS acquired Digital Petrodata LLC (Denver), a small GIS technology company that provides integrated GIS data and cloud solutions.
    TGS acquired Polarcus' multi-client library, with the exception of Australia, in order to strengthen 3D-position in established areas in UK, Norway and West Africa and complement existing database. 
    TGS acquired Arcis Seismic Solutions (Calgary) in order to grow into the onshore multi-client and imaging businesses in Canada and other markets served by Arcis.
    TGS acquired Volant Solutions (Houston) in order to obtain integration solutions for E&P companies to address the challenges of managing geotechnical data.
    TGS acquired Stingray Geophysical Limited in order to establish a strong position in the rapidly growing market for Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) solutions.
    TGS acquired directional survey business unit of P2 Energy Solutions’ Tobin business line. This added a large database of high quality, standardized directional surveys to TGS’ collection of well data.
    TGS acquired Parallel Data Systems (Houston) to add to their imaging services high performance and accurate 3D pre-stack depth services, time migration and converted wave.
    TGS acquired Aceca Geologica (London) to be able to offer multi-client interpretation studies that integrate their suite of geophysical and geological products.
    TGS acquired NuTec Energy (Houston) to obtain their large-scale in-house 3D processing and imaging capabilities.
    TGS purchased A2D Technologies (Houston) and acquired the industry’s largest online collection of well log data.
    TGS acquired Bedford Interactive Processing to obtain their data processing resources.
    TGS merged with NOPEC to form a global suite of multi-client North America and Europe/Africa seismic surveys.
    1997 NOPEC becomes listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
    TGS and NOPEC build upon their regional data libraries of high quality multi-client 2D and 3D seismic surveys.
    NOPEC was formed in Norway, with business focused on acquiring quality, multi-client seismic data in the North Sea and other regions around Europe, and eventually Africa.
    TGS was formed in the US, with business focused on acquiring quality, multi-client seismic data in the Gulf of Mexico.