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For more than 40 years, we have been providing seismic, interpretation products and services, and geological data through an innovative mix of geoscience expertise, innovative technology and imaging capabilities


Multi-Client Data Per Region

TGS follows regional and country market trends and business environments when seeking out new investment opportunities. You can explore TGS regions below.

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Africa, Mediterranean and the Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe

North America

We provide industry-leading seismic data using an innovative mix of technologies and unmatched imaging capabilities. Through strategic partnerships, we offer a comprehensive collection of advanced acquisition technologies for enhanced reservoir delineation, characterization and monitoring. In the Gulf of Mexico, we offer ultra-long offset OBN data to help exploration companies find new sub-salt resources close to existing infrastructure.


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Latin America

Latin America holds some of the world’s largest oil reserves, with many countries in the region supplying their products to a global market. TGS follows regional and country market trends and business environments when seeking out new investment opportunities. Our exploration programs are most often built around country-specific licensing rounds and are designed to provide regional geological understanding, using products including 2D seismic, basin-wide 3D seismic, well data packages, and various interpretive products using all datasets available.


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Africa, Mediterranean and the Middle East

Africa continues to present extraordinary oil and gas exploration opportunities, and our unrivaled subsurface data library provides the perfect tool to realize those possibilities. Through our close work with government and regulatory organizations, we endeavor to provide valuable insight into license opportunities in both underexplored and mature basins. Evaluate license round blocks and bid with confidence with quality subsurface data coverage. In the Mediterranean and the Middle East, we continue to seek new opportunities to provide exploration insight through strategic seismic coverage and next-generation solutions.


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Asia Pacific

With a strong history of supporting exploration in the Asia Pacific, we are proud to offer the most extensive portfolio of high-quality integrated regional products and data sets in the area to assist with licensing rounds and work programs. Through an innovative and collaborative approach, we have set the standard for geoscientific data in the region that includes seismic, well data, regional interpretative products, and magnetic and gravity data to help create a complete picture of the subsurface for oil and gas exploration decisions.


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Europe's largest modern subsurface database covering both frontier and infrastructure-rich areas. We have been at the forefront of seismic exploration in Norway, the UK, and Greenland, offering a wide range of subsurface insight. We continue to evolve within a maturing market that requires next-generation data solutions, such as dense OBN and other bespoke acquisition solutions. In the North Sea, we offer the world’s most extensive contiguous coverage of dense ocean bottom node (OBN) data complemented by a substantial well log database and unique, well-respected interpretive products such as our facies map browser (FMB), widely used in the industry.


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