Imaging and Processing

To meet the challenges of today's quest for hydrocarbons, our research and development professionals are continually developing new technology and workflows for seismic imaging, as well as enhancing existing ones. We have the technology, expertise and resources to exceed the highest geophysical processing objectives powered by our proprietary Imaging AnyWare imaging software.

TGS - Imaging and Processing - Seismic

Imaging and Processing

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TGS - Full Waveform Inversion - FWI


Dynamic Matching Full Waveform Inversion (DM FWI) develops a subsurface model that best explains the observed seismic data by iteratively minimizing the misfit between modeled and observed data.

TGS - Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) - Utsira


Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) data enables us to collect cleaner, richer and more complete data near subsurface targets.


2D Cubed - TGS - Imaging and Processing


2DCubed is a structurally conformable interpolation engine that matches 2D data and uses it to create a 3D volume that is interpretable on a regional scale.



Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) VSP offers a robust and cost-effective solution for monitoring reservoirs and CO2 plumes, both onshore and offshore.

TGS - Demultiple - Multiple Attenuation-1

Multiple Attenuation

We have a suite of tools for multiple prediction and attenuation with prediction tools for surface and interbed multiples in all environments, from shallow to deep.

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