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As one of the leading oil and gas analytics companies, TGS offers over 100 years of public and proprietary subsurface well and geological data. Interrogate our extensive subsurface data library in Well Data Analytics to benchmark, predict, and optimize well performance.

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One Complete Well Record. Expertly Matched and Validated, From Permit to Abandonment.

A leader in subsurface data technology, we combine unparalleled amounts of well data and geological data over the asset lifecycle with advanced cloud-based analytics. We ensure integration into customer workflows through expert subsurface data management and delivery via API (incl. OSDU), SQL Direct Connect, export formats and loaders.

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Subsurface Data Types

Well Data

Benchmark, predict, and optimize well performance in all U.S. basins using our cloud-based oil and gas analytics platform, Well Data Analytics. The application combines our comprehensive subsurface database of oil and gas production with geological mapping, powerful visualization, and user-favorite workflows from TGS Longbow.




  • Permit lifecycle tracking
  • Validated well headers & corrected surface locations
  • Directional surveys
  • Drill Stem Tests
  • Casing, perforations, completions
  • Initial & annual production tests


  • Wellbore spacing
  • Allocated and lease production (oil, gas, water)
  • Monthly forecasts, ultimate recovery, remaining reserves
  • Interpreted landing zone
  • Vent & flare data
  • EOR & disposal injection data
  • Core reports
  • Well reports

Geological Data

Search, purchase, and manage geological data from the world's largest well log subsurface database in TGS R360. Click through millions of processed raster logs, digital logs, and geological interpretations in U.S. and international basins.




  • Depth-calibrated raster logs
  • Digital LAS logs
  • Mud logs
  • Check shot & velocity data
  • Petrophysical interpretations              



  • Well log digitizing & scanning services
  • Subsurface data management
  • Interpreted tops and stratigraphic models
  • Carbon capture & storage

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Rethinking DSTs: Optimize Production Forecasting and Reveal Acreage Opportunities from Historical Data

For geologists and engineers, accurate reservoir characterization is often the difference between economic success and failure. One of the main tools to reduce reservoir uncertainty is drill stem tests (DSTs) which provide key information about formation pressure and fluid characteristics of the reservoir.


Why TGS Well Data?



The world's largest collection of subsurface data types. Up to 7x more data than the competition where you need it most.


Data Quality

Processed, interpreted, and quality-controlled by hand. Proprietary subsurface data management solutions ensure that all data over the asset lifecycle is matched and mastered to one validated well header.



Designed by customers for customers. Data delivery, processing, and subsurface data management can be customized to your specifications. Flexible subscription and licensing terms.

TGS Subsurface Data

Subsurface data is a cornerstone in the oil and gas industry, influencing every stage from exploration to eventual well abandonment. With the industry rapidly embracing digital advancements, analytics-ready datasets like TGS Well Data Products have become indispensable tools for operational excellence and strategic foresight.

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