Africa, Mediterranean and the Middle East

The most extensive multi-client data library in Africa. For decades this constantly-refreshed library has provided industry-leading seismic, interpretation products and services, and geological data. We continue to support countries with petroleum laws and concession terms, license round promotion, and farm-outs. Our extensive regional data coverage, geological knowledge, and ministry and NOC relationships make us the multi-client seismic data company of choice in this region. 

NW Africa Thumb

Northwest Africa

2D and 3D Seismic from MSGBC to Liberia with supporting MBSS geochemistry proving a working hydrocarbon system.

West Africa Transform Margin Thumb

West Africa
Transform Margin

The West African transform margin and Gulf of Guinea stretch from Ivory Coast to Nigeria.  Mature developments supported new discoveries. 

West Africa Thumb

West African
Salt Basins

Extensive seismic supporting several discoveries and revealing new plays.

SW Africa Thumb-1

Southwest Africa

The largest and most extensive 2D seismic library with ties to recent discoveries to explore analogous plays. 

East Africa Thumb

East Africa

Significant 2D and 3D seismic and regional tie lines providing exploration insights into an emerging region.

Mediterranean Middle East THUMB 2

Mediterranean,  Middle East and Black Sea

Significant 2D and 3D seismic and regional tie lines providing exploration insights into an emerging region.

Sierra Leone 5th License Round

The Government of Sierra Leone has extended the timeframe of the 5th Offshore License Round. This extension is to accommodate the increased interest from International and National Oil Companies and provide them with additional time to continue their technical evaluation in the area. TGS offers 2D and 3D seismic to evaluate key blocks in this round.

Sierra Leone License Round

Our Data Coverage

Subsurface Interpretation

For the Geoscientist who needs regional subsurface knowledge, TGS’ multi-disciplinary Geoscience Interpretation group has consistently delivered best-in-class multi-client, basin-wide studies to the industry for over 20 years to reduce the risk, time and cost of the exploration-cycle.