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Across the energy mix, we engage our core geoscience expertise to create subsurface insights that empower the energy industry to make the best data-driven decisions

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Pioneering Energy Data Company

PGS and TGS have merged to form a premier data and services company. We serve customers across the energy value chain and offer strategic partnerships for energy companies. With combined expertise and enhanced capabilities, we are now even better equipped to support energy exploration and production worldwide.

By bringing together the best talent from both organizations, we are dedicated to cultivating a culture focused on innovation, teamwork, and personal development. We remain committed to delivering exceptional quality and service throughout the integration process, ensuring we uphold our high standards.

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Enhance reservoir delineation, characterization, and monitoring.

Achieve ultimate insight into the subsurface and exceed your geophysical objectives with our unrivaled seismic data library, complementary interpretive products, and industry-leading Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) capabilities. With proven processing and imaging capabilities, combined with unmatched computing resources, our data enables you to identify new opportunities and de-risk prospects. 

One complete well record. Expertly matched and validated

Realize subsurface intelligence you can trust with complete well data from the world's largest library covering millions of data points, all processed, normalized, and validated to our industry-leading standards with the most up-to-date data available. Track well life cycles from permit to abandonment, offering valuable insights for the peak of subsurface understanding.

Capture data and insights across the offshore wind project life cycle

We’re raising the bar in wind data and intelligence. Let us be your energy data partner across the wind development lifecycle offering access to critical data for site assessment and solutions that reduce timelines, costs, and energy production uncertainty. We offer leading market intelligence powered by 4C Offshore, low-cost wind and metocean data, a unique wind analytics platform, subsurface imaging, and data management solutions.

Audit and optimize your solar assets

Powered by Prediktor, ensure peak performance of your renewable assets by turning real-time data into actionable insights for effective and more efficient operations. Learn how our asset management solutions' automated workflows, device integration capabilities, and unlimited scalability will ensure optimal reliability and continuity of your solar assets.

Discover and monitor carbon storage opportunities

Let our unique subsurface insight guide your next Carbons Capture and Storage (CCS) project. Enhance business decisions, de-risk sequestration options, and achieve dependable, cost-effective monitoring of existing storage using our innovative technology, vast subsurface data library, and geological expertise. Our energy data supports your carbon journey from capture to container with storage feasibility analysis, subsurface insight, reservoir monitoring technology, and asset management for CCS.

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Why TGS?

With decades of experience, we aim to provide deep insights and understanding to support society's evolving energy needs. Across the energy spectrum, through innovation and data-driven solutions, we utilize diverse data sources, including our own, to create actionable insights that enable you to make the right decisions.



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