Leading Energy Data & Intelligence

40-Anniversary-Badge-Creative-Gold-Crescent-Version-01Over the last 40 years our journey in the energy industry has evolved. We've partnered with our clients and colleagues to provide deeper insights and understanding throughout the industry's many changes.

We are proud to provide services across the energy spectrum through innovation and data-driven solutions, utilizing diverse sources of data, including our own, to create value-driven insights that enable you to make the right decisions.

A Diverse Range of Energy  Data and Solutions

/// The data we offer

TGS offers a wide range of energy data to meet the industry where it's at and where it's headed. Our vast collection of global energy resource data enables you to make the best investment decisions. Learn more about the various types of data we offer worldwide.

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/// The insights we offer

Using innovative imaging and machine learning solutions, coupled with robust data-driven analysis, we create unique, actionable insights from raw energy data. These insights can reduce risks and enable a more detailed understanding of natural resource investments.

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Introducing Versal

Unified seismic data ecosystem

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TGS Insights & Articles

Read the stories behind the data and technologies.

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Learn more about our commitment to sustainable energy & opportunities

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See our upcoming virtual and in-person events throughout the year

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/// New Energy Solutions

TGS is meeting the current and future data demands of the energy industry. Our decades of energy data expertise positions us to provide valuable insights and solutions for the energy transition, enhancing the growth of more sustainable and renewable energy systems.

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