We provide industry-leading seismic data using an innovative mix of technologies and unmatched imaging capabilities. Through strategic partnerships, we offer a comprehensive collection of advanced acquisition technologies for enhanced reservoir delineation, characterization and monitoring.

TGS - 3D Seismic - Offshore Canada


Learn more about the data offerings and insights we have in Canada including regional 2D seismic, basin wide 3D seismic, gravity, magnetics, well data packages, and more.

TGS - OBN Data - Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

Learn more about the data offerings and insights we have in the Gulf of Mexico including ultra-long offset OBN 3D surveys, 2D regional data, well log data, and more.

TGS - 3D Data - Onshore U.S.

U.S. Onshore

Learn more about the data offerings and insights we have in the U.S. including 3D seismic surveys in key Onshore basins, the industry's largest well data library, and more.

U.S. GoM Lease Sale 261

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is mandated to conduct Lease Sale 261, as directed by a recent ruling from the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. The lease sale, initially scheduled for September and subject to multiple postponements due to legal disputes, is now rescheduled for December.

TGS_East Coast Canada_Call For Bids

East Coast Canada Newfoundland 2024 Call For Bids

TGS, in partnership with PGS, holds the most comprehensive collection of subsurface data covering acreage being offered in the Newfoundland bid-round areas. This data includes 2D and 3D seismic data, interpretation studies and well data.

Our Data Coverage

Subsurface Interpretation

For the Geoscientist who needs regional subsurface knowledge, TGS’ multi-disciplinary Geoscience Interpretation group has consistently delivered best-in-class multi-client, basin-wide studies to the industry for over 20 years to reduce the risk, time and cost of the exploration-cycle.