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New On Demand

Data & Analytics

AWS Webinar On Demand Thumbnails

How to Optimize Energy Data Discovery & Enable Interoperability in the Cloud

NW Europe

FMB User Forum Series Thumbnail TGS OD

2021 FMB User Forum Presentations

Brazil Bid Round

Brazil Bid Round Update 2021 Live Webinar Thumbnails

Brazil Bid Round Update 2021

PETEX Session

PETEX Session Thumbnail

NCS Released Wells Initiative

Trending This Week On Demand

East Coast Canada

Trending ECC Series Thumbnail 6 episodes

ECC Explorer Series

Highlight play trends for future bid round areas, explore the prospectivity of these key basins, and much more!


Trending_DM FWI Thumbnail

Dynamic Matching Full Waveform Inversion (DM FWI)

Jian Mao, Senior Research Engineer



Atlantic Margin 2020

Sindre Jansen, Business Developer

Webinar Series On Demand


Brazil Perm Round Series Thumbnail 1

Brazil Permanent Rounds Series


Series Thumbnail_Vaca Muerta

Sharing best practices in the Vaca Muerta Formation

East Coast Canada

ECC series thumbnail

ECC Explorer Series

Well Data Summit

Series Thumbnail_WDS

Well Data Summit

More On Demand

Women in Energy

WIE_On Demand New Thumbnails

Surviving & Thriving in a New Energy World

Hart's Women in Energy Webinar Event

U.S. Gulf of Mexico

New ORANGE_Amendment_BL

Amendment Live Webinar: Business Leader Session


New ORANGE_Liberia & Sierra Leone Thumbanil

Liberia and Sierra Leone Exploration Opportunities

Panel Discussion

U.S. Gulf of Mexico

New ORANGE_Amendment_Tech

Amendment Live Webinar: Technical Session

Asia Pacific

Teal_Nicolas Hand Timor Leste EAGE

Play Evaluation Using Regionally Consistent Well and Seismic Data Sets

Nicolas Hand, Geoscience and Technical Support Manager

EAGE 2020


Cenozoic Depositional Systems of Offshore Mexico

Alex Kurobasa, Sales & Business Development Manager


Round 17 TGS On Demand (1)

Brazil's 17th Bid Round Webinar Series


Brazil rnd 17 Series- Potiguar Blue

Potiguar Basin- New 3D to Elevate Leads to Prospects

Eric Newman & Randall Etherington

Republic of Guinea

Republic of Guinea (1)

The Next Frontier in the MSGBC Basin Part I: Opportunities in Republic of Guinea

David Contreras, Business Developer

Republic of Guinea

Republic of Guinea

The Next Frontier in the MSGBC Basin Part II: Insights into Prospectivity Offshore Republic of Guinea

Felicia Winter, Geoscientist

Gulf of Mexico

Amendment On Demand- Dan Chaikin Blue

Amendment: The Impact of OBN and Dynamic Matching FWI

Dan Chaikin, Advising Interpretation Geophysicist


Standard_Angola 3D Repro

Angola - Kwanza 3D Reprocessing

David Went, Geoscience Director

East Coast Canada

ECC  Thumbnail On Demand- Richard ECC blue

Emerging Plays and Prospects in Upcoming License Rounds Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Richard Wright, Nalcor


Somalia LR Annuncement

Somalia Bid Round Announcement 2020


Seismic applications for unconventional reservoirs

Seismic applications for unconventional reservoirs

Dr. Marianne Rauch, Principal Technical Advisor, Multi-client, Onshore

Well Data

Mike Perz_ML Log Pred PSDM

TGS - Automatic well tying: Using well information in seismic processing

Gary Margrave, Principal Research Geophysicist, Canada


Trending_Least Squares_Cheng Cheng

Structure enhanced least-squares wave equation migration by deep learning based structural preconditioning

Cheng Cheng, Advanced Research Geophysicist



Atlantic Margin 2020

Sindre Jansen, Business Developer


LV_Seismic Evolution

The life cycle of seismic data for unconventionals exploration and development

Luis Vernengo, Pan American Energy

Data & Analytics

CenYen Ong - Basin Scale Velocity Model ARLAS

Building basin scale velocity model with Analytics Ready LAS

CenYen Ong, Data Scientist Lead

Well Data

Alex Kurobasa - NWE FMB

Overview & latest updates to the NW Europe Facies Map Browser (FMB)

Alex Kurobasa, Sales & Business Development Manager, Well Data Products

North America

Mike Perz - Rapid Fire

Rapid-fire noise modeling for acquisition scenario appraisal in the Delaware Basin

Mike Perz, Director - Technology & Innovation 

Well Data Summit

Mike Perz_ML Log Pred PSDM

Machine-learning-based log prediction and its application to PSDM

Mike Perz, Director - Technology & Innovation

Onshore Seismic

Marianne Rauch - a kaleidoscopic view

A kaleidoscopic view of onshore seismic attributes through time

Dr. Marianne Rauch, Principal Technical Advisor, Multi-client, Onshore


David Contreras - Seismic Availability Liberia Thumbnail

Harper Basin License Round - Seismic Availability

David Contreras, Business Developer


Felicia Winter - Subsurface Prospectivity

Harper Basin License Round - Subsurface Prospectivity

Felicia Winter, Geoscientist 


Liberia 2020 Launch Thumbnail Main

Liberia 2020 License Round Launch Event 

Onshore Seismic

MR Archives - December Webinar

(Dec 2019) Data preparation and execution of onshore seismic pore pressure prediction

Dr. Marianne Rauch, Principal Technical Advisor, Multiclient, Onshore


GH Archives - Image Guided Tomography

(May 2019) High-resolution Image Guided Tomography and its Applications

Guy Hilburn, Yang He, Bin Wang


GH Archives - Orthorhombic modeling

(April 2019) Orthorhombic Imaging from Offshore to Onshore

Guy Hilburn


BW Archives - Least Squares

(Jan 2019) Hybrid Approach for Least Squares Migration

Bin Wang, Chong Zeng, Shuqian Dong, & Yang He

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