Atlantic Margin 17-20

TGS leads the way in exploration along the Atlantic Margin

AM 17-20

The AMN and AMS 3D surveys acquired in 2017 provided new understanding of the volcanic complexes on the outer Møre Basin, the sediment-basalt interaction and distribution of sand systems. Northern extension were acquired in 2018 ("AM18"), 2019 ("AM19") and 2020 ("AM20") to cover several interesting leads and to meet the requirements of new license rounds.


TGS’ vast sub-basalt expertise has been leveraged to generate this high-quality regional 3D seismic volume consisting of 59,329 km2 of Pre-Stack Time Migrated (PSTM) data and 15,000 kmPre-Stack depth Migrated (PSDM) data.

The surveys were acquired with 5 sources and 12 streamers optimized for high lateral resolution, with two 11-kilometer streamers to increase diving wave coverage for full waveform inversion (FWI). Advanced model-building using TGS' unique Dynamic Matching FWI technology combined with tomography and anisotropy updates allowed for optimum imaging alongside one-of-a-kind detailed velocity models revealing supra-, intra- and sub-basalt features. This improved subsurface imaging also allowed the delineation and characterization of volcanic processes, fluid flows, and re-mobilization of sediments. 

Careful imaging techniques resulted in a consistent dataset providing excellent imaging from shallow to deep linking the outer marginal highs to the inner mature area. This is a cross-border survey linking the West of Shetlands and Møre Basin. 

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