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TGS offers a complete suite of data Offshore Argentina

The Argentina Basin covers a large unexplored area of approx. 450,000 km² on the outer shelf, slope, and basin floor offshore Argentina. On the northern part of Argentina’s shelf, the Salado and Colorado basins form part of a series of pre-Atlantic (Karoo equivalent) rift grabens trending east-west. These grabens were infilled during and following the formation of the Atlantic Rift and later acted as funnels for major Cretaceous and Tertiary sediment input into the Argentina Basin. The slope sediments of this passive margin acted as conduits, transporting clastics to the basin floor, and inevitably depositing extensive sands as Basin Floor Fans (BFF). Using broadband PreSDM, numerous examples of these BFFs are observed to be dipping in a seaward direction and often sourced by Aptian shales, and yielding the potential of lower risk stratigraphic traps of immense size.

For assessing plays within the Argentina Basin, TGS has ~60,000 kilometers of multi-client 2D data that was recently acquired (2018) with a 12 kilometer streamer and processed using broadband anisotropic Kirchhoff imaging technology. Both PSTM & PSDM products are available.

In 2019 TGS has also completed Integrated Potential Fields Study covering most of the programs above, where we integrated seismic data, onshore and offshore wells, outcrops, refraction stations and heat flow base stations along with proprietary and open-source gravity and magnetic data. Deliverables include 2D and 3D inversion sections and models, complied data that comprise this atlas of whole Argentina and final report describing in details methods and sources that were used for this study.

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