Our Insights

TGS is uniquely positioned to leverage expertise in the collection, curation, and extraction of insights from big data to empower the best business decisions. Our insights are designed to reduce risks and enable a more detailed understanding of resource investments. Across the energy spectrum, we have the data you need - from oil and gas exploration to the siting and development of carbon storage facilities and sustainable energy projects.


The gateway to data insights through AI applications.

Subsurface Imaging & Processing

We have the technology, expertise and resources to exceed the highest geophysical processing objectives.

Subsurface Interpretation

We combine unparalleled volumes of well and seismic data with geological experience to provide our clients with trusted high-quality solutions.

Well Intel

We seek to answer the questions on energy explorers' minds, using novel insight gained through analysis of our vast library of onshore well production and performance data.

New Energy Pathfinders

TGS leverages core strengths in combining data, AI, and compute power to allow a unique vantage point when making investment decisions in new energy.


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