TGS has the necessary experience and resources to process and image ocean bottom seismic data whether it is ocean bottom cable (OBC) or ocean bottom nodes (OBN) data.

Processing ocean bottom seismic data requires a full suite of modules and workflows for the latest broadband pre-processing and imaging technology as well as special modules and experience that is particular to OBS data.

These include:

  • Up/down deconvolution
  • Receiver fidelity correction
  • Receiver orientation correction
  • Datum-aware processing for receivers on the ocean bottom
  • Cross-ghosting of P and Z receiver components
  • PZ summation technology
  • Acceleration/velocity conversion
  • Joint PP/PS anisotropic depth migration

In addition to the full processing capabilities, TGS offers a full range of reservoir services in order to integrate the OBS seismic with well logs, simultaneous and/or joint PP/PS elastic inversion and azimuthal analysis results.

Up-down deconvolution is an effective method to attenuate free-surface related multiples and simultaneously perform designature on ocean bottom data.

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Before up/down deconvolution
Before up/down deconvolution
After up/down deconvolution
After up/down deconvolution

This field data example clearly shows that all free-surface multiples are successfully and completely removed, and the image resolution is improved.