Data-driven, convolution-based surface-related multiple prediction and attenuation package

SRME is a data-driven surface-related multiple prediction that uses true azimuth information to predict free-surface multiples.

SRME uses azimuth information to accurately predict complex multiple energy for both wide-azimuth and narrow-azimuth surveys, on-the-fly interpolation and regularization are utilized to ensure full coverage of all possible multiple travel paths.

A variety of advanced adaptive subtraction algorithms are available, including least squares, multidomain and curvelet subtraction, to subtract the predicted multiple model from the input dataset.

Example Set 1:

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Shot Gather Input to SRME2
Shot Gather Output to SRME
Shot Gather Input to SRME
Shot Gather Input to SRME

Example Set 2:

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Stack output to SMRE
Stack output from SRME
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Stack input to SRME