Shallow Water Multiple Elimination (SWME)

SWME is a data driven prediction approach using true azimuth information to predict free surface multiples in shallow water environments.

SWME is a modeling based approach that is typically used in shallow water environments where conventional SRME methodology starts to break down due to sparse / missing near offset information.

3D ray tracing is used to derive a Green’s function of the water bottom, reconstructing missing offset information. The Green’s function is then convolved with the recorded seismic data to generate source and receiver side multiple models that are fed into an adaptive subtraction algorithm.

A variety of advanced adaptive subtraction algorithms are available, including least squares multidomain and curvelet subtraction, to subtract the predicted multiple model from the input dataset.

Seismic section containing free surface multiple energy

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Seismic section containing shallow water multiple energy
Seismic section following application of SWME demultiple
SWME after

SWME demultiple example from a Barents Sea 3D dataset, offshore Norway.


Data-driven, convolution-based surface-related multiple prediction and attenuation package

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