With self-contained, ready-to-ship mobility, we ramp up project efficiency.
For MASS and ZNodal technology, we offer modular configurations allowing for easy transport worldwide. Easily scaled for small surveys or large-scale projects, our solutions allow clients to use on-site assets for deployment, reducing mobilization time and costs, and the risks of operations close to infrastructure.
Modular Configurations - Ocean Bottom Nodes - TGS


Our full modular configurations consist of automated robotic node handling systems, a battery-change system, a node-washing station, a data-docking and download unit, a workshop and HQ, and the nodes and casings themselves — all housed within certified offshore containers. With a small footprint, a system can be accommodated by any kind of vessel and survey requirement, easily deployed by ROV, rope or other techniques. Combined, these factors ensure superior efficiencies and industry-leading deployment and recovery rates.

Mini and Micro Systems

For smaller surveys, we offer a mini-modular option in which all systems are housed within a single 20-foot container, including battery charging. Because of the reduced number of nodes, robots are not included and cleaning takes place outside the containers.

For even smaller node spreads, we have also developed a micro-modular system consisting of three suitcase-sized containers. The core suitcase consists of one computer with sufficient storage capacity for recording 500 nodes for 50 days each, one timing unit for synchronizing the nodes and one docking shelf for simultaneous docking of 12 node control units.


Fast any mobile deployment, worldwide


Small logistical footprint


Scalable to any survey requirement


Holds up to 10,000 nodes

Deployment with steel wire, rope or ROV