XHR Infrastructure and Imaging

With Extended High-Resolution (XHR), we can help you de-risk the overburden and provide imaging of reservoirs. With broad-bandwidth and ultra-high resolution 3D data, the technology can potentially replace UHR 2D/3D for geohazard and site surveys

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Broadband 3D Data for Renewables Risk Avoidance

With Extended High Resolution (XHR) Infrastructure, we provide a detailed 3D understanding of the near-surface seafloor, helping you dramatically de-risk infrastructure construction.

Versatile Imaging for Any Energy Projects

In addition to geohazard applications, Extended High Resolution (XHR) Imaging can provide 3D and 4D imaging for Carbon Storage and oil and gas reservoirs.

TGS Versatile Acquisition Solutions
TGS - MASS - Micro-system

XHR Imaging Combined with OBN

XHR Imaging can be combined with nodes to complement the ultra-high-resolution seismic data. The scalability of our node platform is ground-breaking and tailored to fit any survey requirement. This enables us to deploy a few hundred nodes in combination with an XHR survey which provides a cost-efficient solution.

TGS has developed a proprietary node drop and self-recovery technique. This innovative node-handling solution removes the need for an ROV vessel and allows us to use the XHR vessel for node operations. This is a step change towards more cost-effective and efficient node handling solutions.