With over 452,000 kilometers in 2D multi-client data and ~72,500 square kilometers in 3D multi-client data in Brazil, our seismic data covers every basin, sector, and Permanent Round policy block offshore Brazil.


Foz do Amazonas, Pará-Maranhão and Barreirinhas Basins

In our library today, we offer over 11,000 square kilometers of 3D data over Foz do Amazonas basin and over 35,000 kilometers of 2D data from which more than 20,000 kilometers were recently reprocessed (2019 – broadband). In Pará-Maranhão, we recently added over 8,000 kilometers of 2D data to expand its coverage of an area that already has over 25,000 kilometers of 2D data newly reprocessed (2020). Barreirinhas basins is fully covered by 2D modern dataset of long offset acquired in 2017.

Ceará and Potiguar Basins

Ceará basin is fully covered by modern and long offset dataset acquired in 2018 that is completely covering all the blocks on offer in ANP Permanent Offer. Potiguar is an area where TGS had heavily invested in the last three years. In 2019, TGS added over 10,000 square kilometers of 3D data, reprocessed with high-end technology such as Dynamic Matching FWI (2021). Potiguar is an area also fully covered by 2D modern seismic from which part of it was only acquired in 2020. Chosen datasets can be scaled for the maturity of the evaluation: a regional grid of 2D data for basin characterization, play potential recognition, and the presence of reservoir, seal, and source rocks.


Pernambuco-Paraíba and Sergipe-Alagoas Basins

TGS offers 16,300 km of long offset 2D data in the Sergipe Basin. This data, and the 8,000 km of legacy data on the Sergipe shelf, underpin the plays into deeper water adjacent to the Petrobras blocks. This data has been depth processed to suit the complex structural geology of this basin and can be considered as the main hydrocarbon generating sub-basin. The TGS Regional 2D seismic grid identifies the active petroleum system and multiple leads in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin. Pernambuco-Paraíba basin has a great coverage of 2D grid, 5,400 kilometers of modern offset acquired in 2018.


Camamu-Almada and Jequitinhonha Basins

Between Camamu-Almada and Jequitinhonha, TGS has over 27,000 kilometers of 2D data covering entirely all the blocs on offer for ANP Permanent Offer.


Espirito-Santo and Campos Basins

TGS holds the most extensive 2D long offset dataset (over 53,000 km) in the Campos & Espirito-Santo basins and recently added 3D in Espirito-Santo (1,349 sq/km in 2021) and 14,112 km2 3D in Campos (2020, enjoying an exclusive position over much of the ANP Permanent Offer round. This highly coveted area holds blocks surrounded by major operators.

Santos Basin

Santos basin is unquestionably the champion basin in terms of data coverage. With more than 155,300 km of modern 2D long offset dataset and over 20,500 square kilometers of 3D coverage, Santos blocks on offer are enjoying an exclusive position over much of the ANP Permanent Offer round. This highly coveted area holds blocks surrounded by major operators. Our supporting data in the area allow the structural highs for the blocks on offer in Permanent Offer round to be clearly identified and mapped.

Pelotas Basin

TGS is heavily investing in Pelotas to ensure the best coverage in an area we believe to have an enormous potential. In 2019 TGS reprocessed 2,700 kilometers of 2D data using broadband technology and producing KPSTM and KPSDM. In 2021, a new acquisition was completed and added an additional 9,300 kilometers of very modern 2D data covering a great part of the blocks on offer on ANP Permanent Offer on the North of Pelotas. Overall, Pelotas basin is covered, from North to South with more than 41,800 kilometers of data allowing a broad regional understanding of the potential and opportunities available in the area.