Exciting Exploration Opportunities Offshore Suriname

Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute has opened a round of competitive bidding for eleven new blocks offshore Suriname. The blocks are in the nearshore to shallow offshore areas, in water depths up to 150 meters, located south of the deepwater discoveries and north of the onshore producing oilfields. We have data coverage over the acreage on offer, unlocking exploration potential and improving knowledge in the prolific basin.

2023-2024 Shallow Water Bid Round

The new acreage on offer benefits from comprehensive data coverage, with Phase 1 already encompassing a portion of the designated bidding round area. The introduction of this advanced 3D dataset, featuring both new data and 3D reprocessing, has resulted in a homogenous and cohesive dataset, holding the key to unlocking the full exploration potential of the region, and it is quickly establishing itself as the industry standard for seismic data in Suriname's shallow water area.

The Bid Round officially launched on November 7, 2023, with the commencement of the Bidder Authorization process. The data room will open from December 18 with bids required by May 31, 2024. All the necessary information related to the Shallow Offshore 2 Bid Round will be accessible via Staatsolie's website.

Suriname 2D Ph 1 Repro - 1,516 km
Suriname 3D Ph 1 - 13,215 km2
Suriname 3D Ph 1 Inpex Repro - 2,221 km2
Suriname 3D Ph 2 - 1,738 km2
Suriname 3D Ph 3 Repro - 4,000 km2
Suriname 3D Ph 4 - 1,802 km2
SHO 2 Bid Round 2023-2024
Discovery Wells
Suriname 3D Phase 1

Suriname 3D Phase 1

A consortium comprising TGS, CGG and BGP have completed the final PSDM processing for Phase 1.

The seismic data from the consortium’s multi-client program includes the latest advancements in seismic processing. These technological enhancements play a crucial role in accurately identifying and mapping the potential sand-filled early tertiary channels. Key plays in the shallow water area seek to determine the updip potential for migrated hydrocarbons from the ACT Kitchen that bridge the gap between the onshore giant fields and the offshore discoveries.

suriname midstack_line2
Suriname 3D Phase 1

Data for Discoveries

Explore the vast potential of the offshore shallow water with our latest industry-approved 3D dataset, which is ready for delivery.

Phase 1 offers complete coverage of Area A, one of the most promising sectors within the shallow water offering. Additionally, Phase 2 expands its scope, encompassing over 1,800 sq. km of Area D, further enriching the knowledge and understanding of the area's geology.

Suriname 3D Phase 2 
Suriname 3D Phase 2 - Blocks 5 and 6

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