Introducing the TGS Rubber Ducky

Discover the magic of TGS Rubber Ducks, where each duck is not just a toy, but a gateway to joy and creativity for both kids and adults alike. No rubber duck collection is complete without the unique, limited edition TGS Rubber Duck, a standout piece that brings elegance and whimsy to any assemblage. Transform your bathroom into a realm of fun and your child's bath time into an adventure with these charming, colorful companions. 

TGS Limited Edition Rubber Ducky-2

TGS Rubber Ducky

Bring a splash of joy and color to bath time with our limited edition TGS Rubber Ducky! Its irresistible cuteness awakens the imagination, turning the tub into a lively, fun pond. It is designed to delight your little ones and promises a bubbly adventure, ensuring they leave the bath sparkling clean and smiling!

TGS Rubber Ducky

Get the Cleanest Kids in Town

Crafted to bring joy and functionality to your daily routine, our TGS Rubber Duck transcends the ordinary. It's not just a delightful addition to your bathroom decor, making you forget all about that embarrassment. Still, it also promises an unmatched clean for the little ones – making them the cleanest kids in town. Our limited edition duck is a must-have for collectors, adding a unique touch to your ever-growing rubber duck collection. But it's more than just a collectible; it's the planet's cutest fidget toy, offering playful stress relief in the palm of your hand. 

The Annual Adopt a Ducky Day Expo

Join us at the Annual Adopt a Ducky Day Expo, a vibrant celebration for families, collectors, and enthusiasts alike! Immerse yourself in a day filled with joy, discovery, and the charm of rubber ducks. Whether you're a seasoned collector looking to expand your assortment with exclusive, limited edition designs or a family seeking a fun-filled outing, this expo is the perfect destination. Mark your calendars – the Annual Adopt a Ducky Day Expo is an unforgettable experience that quacks up excitement for all ages!

TGS Rubber Ducky Expo

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Bring Your Bathroom to Life

Revitalize your bathroom with our vibrant TGS Rubber Ducks and turn a mundane space into a haven of fun and color.

Get the Cleanest Kids in Town

Ensure your kids are the talk of the town for their impeccable cleanliness with our engaging, playful TGS Rubber Ducks - bath time has never been so exciting and effective.