This article first appeared in PES Wind, in November 2023.

In these challenging times, access to detailed data, insight and tools within the wind energy sector can make the difference between success and failure. As the profile of offshore wind continues to grow, companies with significant experience and resources gained from other industries can make substantial contributions toward enhanced efficiencies across the offshore wind development lifecycle.

As the industry matures, increased amounts of data are being made available to developers, fuelling the decisions that lead to success, even before any financial commitments are made. This data ranges from market intelligence to wind and metocean measurement, intelligent wind resource analytics, subsurface imaging, and data management considerations. Crucially, as the volume and diversity of raw data volumes increase, more resources are required by developers to make full use of this enhanced knowledge.

One particular data provider has risen to this challenge. Rather than merely setting themselves the goal of supplying the best raw data to the offshore wind industry, TGS aims to build partnerships with wind energy professionals and developers throughout all the stages of wind farm development, using their vast datasets, compute resources, and subsurface expertise to provide actionable insights all the way ‘from feasibility to farm.

4C-Offshore-Map-THUMBEmpowering Intelligence
One of the first moves into the wind industry by TGS was the acquisition of market intelligence experts 4C Offshore in May 2021. Supported by the resources of its new parent company, TGS | 4C Offshore continues to expand and enhance its exclusive subscription service accessible through its ForeSEE dashboard, now the industry standard in global offshore wind research and analysis, backed by a team of specialists and experts.

The Premium GOLD tier of TGS | 4C Offshore’s market intelligence service, provides seamless navigation through online and offline tools with access to in-depth data points, and relevant analysis on the offshore wind sector. Coverage includes projects ranging from potential development zones right the way through to the planning and installation phases, in addition to those under operation or decommissioning. Subscribers are kept up to date on the latest developments and trends in this everchanging global industry.

An intelligent dashboard and highly detailed interactive maps, graphs, and charts help developers visualize the vast amount of data available. These range from market shares, vessel contract timelines, component trends, and even CAPEX analysis. The details can be filtered and refined before being exported and shared.

In addition to delivering hour-by-hour updates, regular market reports complement the dashboard to provide a holistic view of the market for those who need a more readily digestible information stream. Each report is designed to keep users informed of emerging demand for offshore wind across 30 unique country markets, identifying new and upcoming policy shifts and auction activities across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.

GIS Datasets and Online Map Services
The written word can only convey so much for those at the sharp end of development. GIS datasets and online map services bring offshore wind data to life with a complete...


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