Licensing and Bid Rounds

Explore where TGS can provide subsurface intelligence for better decisions on upcoming license rounds. We provide detailed images of the subsurface, interpretation and data integration solutions so that you can evaluate your area of interest with ease. Leading up to bid rounds and when blocks are awarded, search our data library or dive into our story maps to find the insights you need to de-risk and mitigate exploration and product initiatives.

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    Taking the sea floor to new depths

    Brazil Regional SeaSeep Survey
    TGS announced a new multibeam study covering approximately 200,000 km2 across existing surveys in Brazil’s hydrocarbon-rich basins as well as the highly prospective Pre Salt trend. An extensive coring and geochemistry program commenced subsequently to the acquisition and will consist of 330 core target locations. Data will be available in Q4 2018 over the Round 16 licensing areas scheduled for 2019.

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  • MSGBC multibeam

    Expanding the MSGBC Basin

    TGS announced continuedcommitment to the expansion of Northwest Africa Atlantic Margin data with Jaan 3D, a new fully harmonized multi-client project in the southern portion of the MSGBC Basin, from northern Senegal, through The Gambia and the AGC zone, into Guinea-Bissau down to the Guinea transform fault. This project will consist of 11,135 km² of new acquisition complemented by the reprocessing and full pre-stack merging of existing multi-client 3D.

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    TGS Library M&A

    TGS is pleased to announce the purchase of the Capreolus 3D seismic survey from Polarcus has been completed and reprocessing of the adjacent Polly 3D seismic survey and neighboring open file data has begun.  Capreolus 3D includes modern 3D coverage over the Phoenix South and Roc oil and gas discoveries. In addition, Capreolus 3D also spans the Dorado-1 exploration well and Phoenix South-3 appraisal well, currently being drilled. Dorado-1 has encountered light oil in the Caley Member and gas-condensate in the Baxter Member and as of 8 August 2018, light oil has been confirmed at the deeper Crespin and Milne Members....

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