For the geoscientist who needs regional subsurface knowledge, our multi-disciplinary Geoscience Interpretation group has consistently delivered best-in-class multi-client, basin-wide studies to the industry for over 20 years to reduce the risk, time and cost of the exploration-cycle. We combine unparalleled volumes of well and seismic data with geological experience to provide our clients with trusted, high-quality solutions.


Subsurface Interpretation - TGS - Facies Map Browser (FMB)

Facies Map Browser (FMB)

The Facies Map Browser (FMB) is a unique and proprietary application explicitly designed to deliver the results of our worldwide Sequence Stratigraphic Studies.

Subsurface Interpretation - TGS - Play Fairway Analysis

Play Fairway Analysis

Our Play Fairway Analysis studies integrate our seismic and well databases to evaluate the petroleum system of a region by mapping and risking the regional distribution of the key elements of the reservoir, source, and seal facies.


Subsurface Interpretation - TGS - Seismic Interpretation and Prospectivity

Seismic Interpretation and Prospectivity

Our interpreted geological and geophysical datasets support the entire exploration cycle from regional interpretations through to detailed prospect evaluations, including petrophysical and volumetric analyses.
Subsurface Interpretation - TGS - Post Well Analysis (PWA)

Post Well Analysis (PWA)

Post Well Analysis (PWA) provides a comprehensive study based on historical analogues to deliver a basin-wide understanding of the significant reasons for exploration success and failures.

Subsurface Interpretation - TGS - Basin Temperature Modeling (BTM)

Basin Temperature Modeling (BTM)

We have developed a methodology for generating accurate Basin Temperature Models (BTM) to support exploration in shale plays. Models are available for the most active Basins in North America.

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