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Peninsular Malaysia

TGS has an exclusive agreement with Petronas for the undertaking of the Peninsular Malaysia Mega Merge Multi-client 3D project, with the objective of delivering to industry a contiguous 3D volume of over 40,000 square kilometres covering the Malay Basin. This new dataset, to be processed by DownUnder Geosolutions, will comprise both broadband reprocessing of existing legacy 3D data from field tapes, as well as new broadband 3D acquisition covering gaps between the existing data. In a first for the Malay basin, this project will deliver a seamless regional contiguous volume of modern 3D seismic complemented by planned new 3D seismic acquisition over current gaps in coverage. The products include broadband pre-stack time and pre-stack depth migration products, serving not only as an exploration framework for extending viable play fairways to surrounding areas, but also for drilling and developing opportunities - from subtle accumulations that have been overlooked, to deeper targets which remain untested.


The seismic consortium comprising PGS, TGS and WesternGeco have an exclusive agreement with Petronas to acquire and process up to 105,000 square kilometres of multi-sensor MultiClient 3D data in the Sarawak Basin, offshore Malaysia. This Sarawak MC3D project will enable the consortium to position itself in Malaysian seismic exploration and allow for a multi-phase program to promote exploration efforts in the prolific Sarawak East Natuna Basin (Deepwater North Luconia and West Luconia Province). The majority of drilling and discoveries have been made in shallow waters of the present day shelf, also known as the carbonate rich Central Luconia Province. To date, the deeper water West and North Luconia provinces have not been thoroughly explored and represent the next exploration stage. These areas are thought to comprise fluviomarine deltaic and turbidite sandstone reservoirs with excellent thickness, porosity and permeability and have been shown to have a mixed oil and gas source rock potential.


As part of an ongoing multi-phase multi-client program offshore Sabah, TGS, in partnership with WesternGeco and PGS, have reprocessed 5,825 km² of the ND4 MC3D data to better image the Dangerous Grounds, which is a rifted continental block formed in the Eocene/Oligocene with the opening of the South China Sea. Pre-Stack Time and Depth Migration products are available in Q4 2018, providing valuable insights for companies wanting to look into the acreage and assess farm-in opportunities. Following the completion of the initial project phase, TGS and its consortium members plan to extend the existing broadband seismic data coverage into inboard areas via additional shallow water phases.

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