Greater Castberg

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Greater Castberg

Located in the Barents Sea, the Greater Castberg survey is ideally situated to take advantage of recent new opportunities in the Barents Sea. The Johan Castberg field, which is situated around 100 km north of the Snøhvit-field has production startup planned for 2022. This development is expected to see increased demand for high-tech, bespoke seismic imaging solutions in the region.

In May 2022 Equinor in partnership with Vår Energi and Petoro announced a 30-50 million oil discovery in the Snøfonn license over an area covered by the Greater Castberg 3D survey. This exciting development is thought to be one of several discoveries yet to come in this area through knowledge derived from our seismic.

This 3D survey was acquired in 2019 in cooperation with CGG and the TopSeis™ split-spread solution which offers modern high-resolution data has confirmed crucial shallow targets in the Barents Sea revealing geological details not resolved by conventional methods. This has enabled field delineation and enhanced imaging of the Johan Castberg Field and exploration targets in the Bjørnøyrenna Fault Complex to the west of the Loppa High. 


  • 5,168 km2 PSDM data
  • TopSeis™ split-spread configuration with five wide-towed sources above the spread
  • Additional source on the streamer vessel to provide long-offset data for FWI and deep imaging
  • Superior reservoir imaging with rich near offsets, high trace density and low noise
  • Time-lag Q-full-waveform inversion (TL-QFWI)
  • Unique, detailed velocity model and well calibration
  • Enhanced reservoir characterization with high-quality AVO information
  • Verification of AVO compliance at key processing stages
  • One-stop data set providing excellent delineation of targets from shallow to intermediate depths

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