Erlend Wild West

Improved data feeds understanding on the UK/Norway margin

Erlend Wild West

Erlend Wild West 3D, acquired in 2018 (EWW18) was merged with the Erlend West 3D survey, acquired in 2012, in a pre-stack depth, merged project. The highlight of this processing work is the use of Reflection Full Waveform Imaging (FWI) and interpreted geomodels of the different volcanic facies, linked to analogues in nearby wells to improve


  • Consistent PSDM dataset (based on five vintages) over a geological complex area where main target was Inner flows and sub-basalt sediment
  • New acquisition and broadband processing of 1,895 km2 merged with EW12 (1,580 km2) which was narrowband plus infill with older surveys
  • New survey acquired with 3 sources and 12 streamers optimized for high lateral resolution
  • Advance model-building using dynamic matching FWI combined with tomography and anisotropy updates.
  • Unique, detailed velocity model of supra-, intra- and sub-basalt features
  • Improved imaging for delineation and  characterization of volcanic processes, fluid flows, and re-mobilization of sediments
  • Area-specific processing parameters incorporating quantitative QCs and geological knowledge

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