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Advances in heat conversion and subsurface technologies continue to expand the geographic range of geothermal use, from steam and binary electrical power to direct heating.

TGS provides one of the most comprehensive subsurface databases available for geothermal prospecting. Our diverse energy data includes seismic, processed well data and interpretative products offering a convenient, cost-effective resource for geothermal system assessments, including deep sedimentary, coproduced, and enhanced engineered reservoirs.

Geothermal Pathfinder

Geothermal Pathfinder

The TGS Geothermal Pathfinder combines publicly sourced information with TGS data and interpretation products for geothermal system assessments. An accessible graphic interface allows the visualization of temperatures at relevant stratigraphic units and depths in addition to existing infrastructure.

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TGS Subsurface Data

Well Data Products >>

TGS holds the world's largest onshore and offshore well data library consisting of high-quality digital log data complemented with machine learning and AI. We provide accurate well locations, complete well systems, wireline suites searchable by formation, fracture, dipmeter, and check shots. TGS has over 500,000 mud logs globally and has indexed over 1 million bottom-hole temperatures.

Well Production History and Forecasts >>

Access is available to every well in the US and Canada with TGS’ cloud database or desktop app. Industry-exclusive production volumes at the wellbore level powered by TGS proprietary lease-to-well allocation algorithms, performance statistics, forecasted monthly volumes, and Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (EUR).

Seismic >>

TGS continues to grow its onshore and offshore global 3D, 2D CUBED, and 2D seismic data library, offering over 40,000 square kilometers of modern high resolution onshore 3D with surveys including all major basins in the US and Canada.

Basin Temperature Models >>

TGS builds innovative 3D datasets providing basin-wide corrected formation temperatures that can be readily integrated into software platforms and workflows. Based on the most comprehensive onshore well database available, we use proprietary methodologies to build detailed stratigraphic models and determine maximum formation temperatures.

The data can be visualized with TGS’s web portal and delivered in standard flat files and 3D SEG-Y volumes. TGS offers 18 Basin Temperature Models (BTMs) covering the major oil and gas basins onshore US and Canada for geothermal resource assessment.

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