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A proven landscape for exploration

Brazil continues to have strong investment Interest due to its proven prospective geology, access to acreage (bid round scheduling has been consistent in recent years), and the government’s desire to attract foreign investment. TGS, through its staff in Rio de Janeiro and Houston, closely monitor the ever-changing exploration landscape, and strive to have datasets in key areas ready for analysis prior to the scheduled bid rounds. Plays in Brazil are prolific, found onshore and in both shallow and deep-water offshore environments, with the offshore plays being either conventional or pre-salt exploration plays.


The seismic data acquired offshore Brazil included 12 km offsets and ultra-high fold continuous recording technology enabling explorers to see and evaluate AVO plays and visualize crustal architecture, from the mudline to the Moho.

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TGS surveys in the area include extensive regional 2D programs of both legacy and reprocessed datasets, 3D surveys, and interpretive studies, including Play Fairway Analysis and Facies Mapping.

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Well Data Products

Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance.​ Fast and easy access to TGS' vast library of well data is available through R360, our unique subsurface intelligence portal.

Geoscience Interpretation

Basin-wide studies combine TGS’ unparalleled volumes of well and seismic data with geological expertise, developed over 8 years, to provide insights that accelerate the exploration-cycle and reduce risk.


The new and reprocessed 2D data from the Northern Margins and Pelotas Basin, acquired between 2012 and 2021, are currently being processed with the latest algorithms for deghost, demultiple, noise reduction and improved VTI and geologically constrained velocity model building. All 2D data from the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Para Maranhao Basin, Sergipe Alagoas Basin, Santos and Campos basins, and the Pelotas Basin, acquired from 2012 through 2021, have been processed or reprocessed with broadband VTI imaging.

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