Pelotas 2D

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Pelotas 2D

The Pelotas Basin has received little attention in comparison to its neighboring basins and conjugate margin, yet it displays clear indications of a working petroleum system including identifiable oil seeps at the sea surface, gas hydrates and chimneys/clouds, and deep high-amplitude anomalies. Also evident is a wide array of structural and stratigraphic trapping trends, such as Structural Syn-rift plays (4-way closures at top of SDRs) and Cretaceous and Cenozoic Turbidite plays.

TGS holds >42,000 kilometers of 2D seismic in Pelotas Basin with over 17,000 kilometers of recently acquired long-offset data comprising 5 km x 5 km grid over the southern part of the basin with many blocks on offer in Brazil's Permanent Round. 2D coverage also exists in the north and central parts of the basin where blocks are planned to be made available in Bid Rounds 17 and 18.

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Multi-Client Seismic For Upcoming Offshore Round Acreage

With over 452,000 kilometers in 2D multi-client data and approximately 72,500 square kilometers in 3D multi-client data in Brazil, TGS seismic data covers every basin and sector associated with offshore Brazil licensing rounds. This library of modern, long-offset data, available in both time (PSTM) and depth (PSDM), comprises the largest and most comprehensive high-quality dataset offshore Brazil.

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