Pernambuco - Sergipe - Alagoas - Camamu

TGS leads the industry in offering a wide variety of subsurface data offshore Brazil

Regional data covering the Brazil Licensing Rounds

TGS currently holds 17,840 kilometers of data in the Camamu Basin, adjacent to Sergipe displaying many similar features. To the north of the Sergipe Basin lies the Pernambuco Basin with approximately 6,000 kilometers of data. Additionally, 16,341 kilometers of long offset multi-client 2D data has been acquired in the Sergipe Basin. This data, and the 8,134 kilometers of legacy data on the Sergipe shelf, underpin the plays into deeper water along the Petrobras blocks.

In Pernambuco, TGS holds 6,000 kilometers of long-offset 2D data depth processed to suit the complex structural geology of this basin. The Pernambuco Plateau sub-basin is a depocenter with sediment thickness up to 6,000 meters and can be considered as the main hydro-carbon generating sub-basin.

To date, TGS has a total of >58,000 km 2D – PSTM and PSDM datasets all, recently acquired and processed or reprocessed, all to assist in your Permanent Offer bidding decisions.

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Brazil Offshore Licensing Rounds

Multi-Client Seismic For Upcoming Offshore Round Acreage

With over 452,000 kilometers in 2D multi-client data and approximately 72,500 square kilometers in 3D multi-client data in Brazil, TGS seismic data covers every basin and sector associated with offshore Brazil licensing rounds. This library of modern, long-offset data, available in both time (PSTM) and depth (PSDM), comprises the largest and most comprehensive high-quality dataset offshore Brazil.

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