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TGS leads the industry in offering a wide variety of subsurface data offshore Brazil

2D and 3D data products available for license round decision making

TGS holds the most comprehensive long offset 2D dataset in the Santos, Campos, and Espirito Santo basins extending over 135,000 line kilometers. This 2D data, on 8 x 8 km or 10 x 10 km grids, are available in broadband Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM) and Pre-Stack Depth Migration (PSDM) products provide coverage over Permanent Offer Blocks, Round 17 blocks, and Round 18 Sectors and also allow for the structural highs in open acreage to be identified and mapped. The regional 2D grid provides a cost-effective way to select the highest potential areas for bidding or 3D survey selection and also images crustal architecture and salt thickness for the purpose of geothermal and basin modeling of the intra-high syn-rift source rock.

TGS has recently acquired and processed new 3D multi-client datasets in the southern Santos Basin and Campos Basin. A new dual azimuth 3D survey was also acquired and processed in the Espirito Santo Basin.

In addition, a high-resolution multibeam and seafloor coring program (for geochemistry) covering over 216,740 km² of the Santos, Campos, and Espirito Santo basins is available for data licensing.

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Brazil Offshore Licensing Rounds

Multi-Client Seismic For Upcoming Offshore Round Acreage

With over 452,000 kilometers in 2D multi-client data and approximately 72,500 square kilometers in 3D multi-client data in Brazil, TGS seismic data covers every basin and sector associated with offshore Brazil licensing rounds. This library of modern, long-offset data, available in both time (PSTM) and depth (PSDM), comprises the largest and most comprehensive high-quality dataset offshore Brazil.

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